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Daily Hair Tutor - What Do I REALLY Know About Hair Extensions?
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Written by Cortney @ WEST COAST HAIR
Hello my beautiful hair goddesses! 

I am here to enter you (or enter you deeper) into the world of hair extensions. I know the ins and outs to all different methods, and you should too. 

As I have been learning and installing hair extensions for over 6 years, I’ve found that there’s a lot of extension methods out there, and by reading my blog I hope you find which is YOUR method!

Hair extensions have been around for many years, forever changing and getting better. 

They actually have the first recorded extensions date back to Cleopatra in 3400 BC. The Egyptians wore wigs, braided extensions and sewn on hair pieces. These were made of human hair and dyed sheep wool, can you imagine being in this age of hair extensions??

One of the hair extension methods we still have today are braided extensions, or sew in extensions. With this method, your hair is braided to create a base and then wefts of extensions are sewn into the braid with a needle and thread. 

Another method out there is tape-in extensions. 

Tape in extensions use a single or double sided polyurethane tape, and wefts of extension hair are sandwiched into your hair. (Side note, when reading up on this I was trying to find out what exactly polyurethane is… what I got out of it was that it is basically used to be very durable. Tires, surface coating and surface sealants, carpet underlay, hoses and OMG! Condoms!!)

Another weft extension which is similar but less permanent, is glue-in extensions. These are nice if you are only looking to wear for a few days but don’t want to remove every night like clip in extensions. But short wear means more removal and I imagine that means more stress on your hair AND more damage. 

Single strand extension methods is when a small bundle of extension hair is adhered to a small section of your hair. Starting with hot fusion, where keratin U tip bonds lined with silicone are attached to the hair with a heating element. Cold fusion on the other hand being beads or metal clips holding the single strand type extension in your hair. 

Now we’re close to the end and you would think that the only option left here for you is clip-in extensions, but the good thing is that there is yet another method out there that you might not even know about yet. 

The Best Method 

Now here’s the best part, WEST.. COAST.. HAIR.. 

Based out of Minneapolis and the most Minnesota nice you’ll ever know. 

We’re here to give you the best hair extension experience ever. Offering a safe and natural option for extensions and something that absolutely won’t damage your hair, the grass is only getting greener! 

Join in on my future posts to learn more about hair styling, hair extensions, and more!

About Author: Cortney Jean

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