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WEST COAST HAIR is an exclusionary long-wear* hair extension service using a proprietary Soft bond™ product and method created by owner and founder, Tiffany Twist. There are no tapes, glues or adhesives which means no chemicals or dangerous solvents to remove. No metals, clips, or tools needed. High-end extension hair and attachment bond are custom blended on site while installing for the most blended, natural-looking hair extension result possible. Learn more about us today!
*Up to 12 months and longer with proper care and maintenance for strand detangling. Maintenance is easy to do and correct care must be taken to ensure damage-free hair extension wear. Membership for maintaining strand-by-strand hair extensions, along with WASH, DRY, STYLE options is encouraged for the very best hair extension wear. This product is gentle on the natural hair and has never shown to break or damage the natural hair in any way. Silicone-free product use is encouraged. Find Tiffany's preferred hair extension care line here
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Daily Hair Tutor - What are Single Strand Hair Extensions?
Written by Cortney @ WEST COAST HAIR
Hey Babes! 

It's Cortney, WEST COAST HAIR® technician, and I wanted to go further into a few of the methods I mentioned in my last post, What Do I REALLY Know About Hair Extensions. 

This is where you need to be if you want to decide if a single strand hair extension method is for you. 

Also, this is where I can really tell you guys about the product that I have been installing and wearing for years now.

A single-strand hair extension method is a small bundle of hair that is bonded to about the same amount of your hair. There are a few methods out there that use this technique. 

Since I ended with what I believe is the greatest method in my last post, I wanted to start with it today. 

The truth is, I am most excited to tell you about this soft bond product. WEST COAST HAIR in Minneapolis is the only studio that uses a wax-based, single strand bonding product created by Tiffany herself. 

SOFT BOND feel so great to say that I have been wearing this extension method for about 8 years on and off, and have experienced absolutely no thinning or damage to my hair. The bond doesn’t adhere to your hair like glues or fusions. It actually seeps around your hair and holds on with a grip durable enough to last 4-6 months or more, but gentle enough so it isn’t able to pull out your hair. There is no harsh chemicals or tools needed to remove this product. With a simple breaking up of the bond and a gentle tug at the end of the extension, your hair will be out in no time and ready for re-installation! 

Another option for single strand extensions is hot fusion. 

This is where keratin tipped bonds layered with silicone are heated into your hair with a hot tool. The hair to install these extensions come pre-tipped to their installers. Hot fusion has a wear time of 3-5 months, which is longer than most weft extensions. Come removal, an acetone solution breaks up the adhesives so the bonds will loosen. After this they will use a pliers to break up and get the extension out. Some will use heat again for the removal, but I hear it’s pretty messy!

Cold fusion offers you two different alternatives. Beads or metal clips. These are pretty much what you hear is what you get. Do you want metal or beads in your hair? How long do these last? They recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks, but they can last up to 6 months. 

Do you understand a little more about single strand hair extensions after reading this? 

Is it the technique for you? 

Look and feel natural
Can use multiple extension colors
More discreet
Easier hairstyling
Longer wear

Longer install time
Usually more expensive initially (but worth it!)

Follow my future posts to learn more about hair extensions, styling, and more!

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