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We've Got Ya!
Written by Tiffany @ WEST COAST HAIR
We've Got Ya!
"One of the things I love about this hair extension company is how they hold your hand..."

“Tiffany...is truly passionate about hair and helping others.” —Tabitha on Yelp
Serving Is Everything To Me
One of the reasons WEST COAST HAIR is this sleeper brand is because we truly want to help you get everything you need for successful hair extension wear. And this takes time.

And hard work.

And investment.

And energy.

And it's always about serving the client for us.

And together, we’ve built this 5-star hair extension brand that our clients love and now, the correct hair care products Tiffany has just created and launched, tie it all together.

When you get in, you get everything you need for successful hair extension wear.

We have a library of care videos Tiffany has created for her WEST COAST HAIR® clients you can watch in studio while having your hair extensions installed, or you can watch them on your own time and grab them from the private Facebook group or the follow-up email Tiffany sends you after your install. Feel free to rewatch them whenever you need!

At WEST COAST HAIR® you are never on your own, nor should you ever feel on your own with your new hair extensions. We are so accessible to you via our social pages, email or text. (You'll get that all when you send in your inquiry, find that link below.) We want to be sure every question you have or concern you might feel is answered right away.

You can rely on us!

You can! Really!

Here, give me your hand :) ✋

About Author: Tiffany Twist 

WEST COAST HAIR® Soft bond™ hair extension digital and video consultations can be scheduled with Tiffany by clicking here.
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