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Working It (I Mean Working Out) in WEST COAST HAIR
Written by Tiffany @ WEST COAST HAIR
Can I Work Out In WEST COAST HAIR Soft bond™ Hair Extensions?
For most obvious reasons, working out is a good thing. It keeps your body strong, your heart healthy and helps you to love longer. (Well, that is supposed to be live but I couldn't change it because if you live longer, you can love longer, too.)

And I know you're doing this for all the smart reasons for your body, your mind, your health…

But, you want your hair to look good too, right? Yes, yes and another, yes, yes! (Or 2.)

And the thing is, with WEST COAST HAIR®, you can have it all!
What Are Client's Saying?
Here are my top 5 statements about this working out - my own experience (I'm mostly into the hot tub & steam room type of work-out) and those my clients share with me (and we have some amazing bodies coming in to see us, they are working hard!!) 

 • "I’ve been working out and washing my hair 5 days a week and my extensions are holding up great!"

 • "I sweat so much so my bonds get pretty soft and sticky when I work out but I shampoo really well like you tell me to, and then rinse really well, too, and, lo and behold! my extensions look, and feel, great again!"

 • "I am in the sauna for an hour a day 3 times a week and I wore my full set of extensions for 7 months without losing more than 2 the whole time!"

 • "I am a biker and a swimmer. I just tie my hair in a loose braid and afterwards, let it dry loose and I’ve never had a problem!"

 • "I am a competition body builder and this extension stands up to all of my rigorous routines. WEST COAST HAIR is the best!"

Enjoy Your Work Out and All Those Gym Amenities!
When it comes to working out in your WEST COAST HAIR extensions, we have you covered. Following all of our tips and tricks when it comes to caring for your extensions in essential for the very best and longest hair extension wear. Just let us know if your an avid gym-er and we'll be sure your appointment is filled with applicable care steps for you.

Blog entry photo courtesy of WEST COAST HAIR® client.

About Author: Tiffany Twist 

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