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WEST COAST HAIR is an exclusionary long-wear* hair extension service using a proprietary Soft bond™ product and method created by owner and founder, Tiffany Twist. There are no tapes, glues or adhesives which means no chemicals or dangerous solvents to remove. No metals, clips, or tools needed. High-end extension hair and attachment bond are custom blended on site while installing for the most blended, natural-looking hair extension result possible. Learn more about us today!
*Up to 12 months and longer with proper care and maintenance for strand detangling. Maintenance is easy to do and correct care must be taken to ensure damage-free hair extension wear. Membership for maintaining strand-by-strand hair extensions, along with WASH, DRY, STYLE options is encouraged for the very best hair extension wear. This product is gentle on the natural hair and has never shown to break or damage the natural hair in any way. Silicone-free product use is encouraged. Find Tiffany's preferred hair extension care line here
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All About Upkeep: Soft bond Strands Maintenance
Screenshot of pic I saw online today inspired me to write this article.
Written by Tiffany Twist on May 17th 2020
All About Upkeep: WEST COAST HAIR Maintenance
Audio version of the article as told by Tiffany Twist, owner & founder WEST COAST HAIR Soft bond™ hair extensions.
What is WEST COAST HAIR and how is different?

WEST COAST HAIR is a strand-by-strand hair extension that uses a Soft bond™ product & technique created by Minnesota native, Tiffany Twist. 

The upkeep and care of the extension product is simple and straightforward and in Tiffany's own words: "Once you have it, you are thrilled with this safe, natural, artisan-applied system and will never think of going back to damaging glues, fusion, braids, tapes or clips."  

What makes it so wonderful?

"Everything," says Tiffany, "but let's focus on upkeep first and then I'll tell you more." 

There are 3 options for maintaining your WEST COAST HAIR Soft bond™ hair extensions. 

1.) Self. 

We have many out-of-town clients who come through for their install and then keep it up at home on their own as the extensions grow out, usually for 4-6 months, and factors like how quickly, or slowly, your hair grows will put you on your own timeline. We have a care book and videos* that will help you with this. 

*WEST COAST HAIR's YouTube Extension Care playlist. Please subscribe!

2.) Technician. (Still some home care!)

We offer maintenance appointments with options. You can choose the amount of time you'd like, starting with up to an hour and then adding on from there. Some clients choose to come in monthly, or about every 6 weeks. You will still want to be sure to follow home care while your tech is helping you. 

3.) A mix of these 2. 

With a mix of these 2, you can take care of your extensions at home and maybe come in once, while you wear your install. 

Three months is usually a great point that a detangle, touch-up and trim will get you great wear for another few months. 

WEST COAST HAIR partners with Bohyme for access to a very high quality hair brand Luxe line for professional use.

Now, here's more about it.
Tiffany's JUST CLEAN HAIR Silicone-Free Hair Care
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The hair extension install you get from WEST COAST HAIR can be worn for many months and maintained up to a year and the the hair reused as no chemicals are used in the process to apply or remove. 

Upkeep is up to you as you determine your level of self/home care you want to take on (keeping your extensions detangled) and/or make use of a maintenance appointment while you wear your install and we can detangle and move up extensions around the perimeter and put back in any that have come out while styling or because of growth and shedding. 

The only other additional cost, a highly recommended and encouraged purchase, is my silicone-free shampoo & conditioner excellent for the extensions and attachments and your look overall, it’s super nutritious and helps promote healthy hair growth. About $45 for the set and should last you 3-6 month depending on how often you wash your hair.

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About Author: Tiffany Twist 

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