Hi! I'm Tiffany Twist and this is my story.
First, can I thank you guys for being here? I appreciate so much your interest in my hair extensions and I'd love to tell you more about how I happened upon this industry because it was a total surprise to me and not at all what I intended at the time.

I started wearing hair extensions when I was pregnant with my last son (he's in high school now!) and when I became frustrated with the products that were used and what was available in the market as limited, damaging and just over-all not too well thought out, I started thinking about what an ideal hair extension product might look like. 

I decided characteristics like comfortable and discreet should be really important and the problem was, metals and glues were super uncomfortable and most of these products, far from discreet. I could pick out hair extensions in crowd and I thought this isn't how it should be!
So, I set about to create a product ideal for me. It would not contain glues or chemicals and it would be gentle on my hair. I would be able to manipulate it myself without a stylist or salon and have control over where my extensions were places, how thick or thin my results were and how long I could wear them.

The Soft bond™ product and method was born from this line of thinking and years of my hard work, trial and error, blood, sweat and, well, you know that whole thing... :-) because yes, I cried many tears along the way and there were a ton of wins and lots of rejoicing, too. The hair extension product became great over time (it's true that it did not start out that way and the obstacles lost me a few stars, in more than one way, ha) but by the time the actual creation had a decade behind it, I had an amazing, proprietary method and trade-secret product that was all mine. 

I grew up in a pretty f*&^ed up way, well, to some, and a regular way to a lot of others. (Messed up if abundant money and college and inspiration are your experiences and regular if alcohol, abuse, divorce, teen pregnancy, things like that are in your childhood.) I left a bad situation at home when I was 16 and after staying with friends and working hard to keep up in school, I eventually found a home with a boyfriend. I became a teen mom just 10 days after I graduated high school and went on to confront through years of a shameful past and general insecure existence. 

Although the idea of it when I was a kid excited me, I'm not a cosmetologist and I did not study hair but, after a decade and half in the industry, (as a boot-strapping entrepreneur) I know more than any 18 month cosmetology class could teach me (about my work, at least) and my dedication to my client and customer is big. We have a specialized trade and we are extremely excited to serve our clients within that trade. (Only hair extensions, and only my Soft bond™ hair extensions.)
In 2012, which was a couple years after my grandson was born, we decided it would be a great idea to open a service area for my daughter to apply the hair extensions so she could earn some money and still be able to take care of, and spend most of her time with, her son. Our first WEST COAST HAIR studio was opened and that was located in Downtown White Bear Lake until 2015 when we moved to our first location in Minneapolis on W Lake Street in the Lyn/Lake neighborhood and then, in 2017, we expanded and moved to a storefront in the heart of Uptown just a few blocks away. 

In that storefront is where our success and growth really starts to build. We've since grown out client base and released an amazing silicone-free hair care product line perfect for our hair extensions but wonderful for anyone with hair, really, and the name and fame of WEST COAST HAIR as a desired method of wearing hair extensions continues to slowly, but easily, spread (which is the perfect speed for us, by the way, while we set up an over-deliverable service for our client and customers, like you!)

I've shared a few pictures with you of the things that have my heart. Let me tell you about them...

My husband is an amazing guy who takes such good care of me and the perfect partner to spend my days with, he is truly my BF and I am blessed he loves me,  too. 

My kids are my heart. I have 4 of them - 3 are grown-ups! - and the next gen I am excited to welcome in one-by-one. Well, unless twins come along someday, I will welcome that, too! My first grandson is almost double digits now! 

My kitty-cat, Stella Rose Copperfield, keeps some life in my near empty and quiet nest. 

And the island in the sea is where I usually want to be....

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and, always know, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and ask -- it is always my pleasure to be of assistance! 

Hope to meet you one day soon!
My Family
I'd love to introduce you!
Starting far left, that is my grandson, Bram. His name comes from a desperate attempt to find something way cooler than the name my daughter first proposed for the baby boy she was about to have, Hartwin. 

Hartwin? Are you kidding?! I think we succeeded! OMG!

So, next to him, my youngest son Tristan and then Bram's mom, Stephanie, and next to her, her brother Travis. 

Then my hubby, and me and then my younger daughter, Cortney.

Family. Water Island USVI, 2015
Both of my daughters apply the hair extensions at WEST COAST HAIR. Stephanie is my oldest and Cortney is her younger sister. Each is extremely talented in their work and passion to see our family business grow and expand while service clients to our highest and utmost possible. 
First LA work trip for the girls. Venice Beach, 2015
(Cortney pictured left and Stephanie pictured right. )
Working @1406 W Lake Street. Minneapolis, 2018
(Stephanie pictured left and Cortney pictured right. )
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Seriously, are you bossin' the ONE life a boss should be bossing? Don't be too serious. Make sure you play. I enjoy sharing stories that give us permission to accomplish big things and how being less serious can make life more exciting. 

(That's 3 serious's in one paragraph, so this MUST BE serious! Yet not supposed to be, right? Seriously, I'm the boss here.. Go play!) 
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