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[Minneapolis MN, December 1, 2018] Many more salons are choosing to forgo lengthy hair extension services opening the way for a new direction for getting your hair extension service: a specialty, full service hair extension-only salon, with no appointment required.

Until now if you wanted hair extensions, you would usually have to be fit in between a salon’s color and cut appointments, and then choose between a plethora of methods which might involve glues, metals, tapes and melted plastics. WEST COAST HAIR, just opened on W Lake Street and Hennepin in Uptown, offers walk-in service, along with their private appointments, using an exclusive, new, patent-pending Soft bond™ technique created by founder and owner, Tiffany Twist.
“At WEST COAST HAIR, we do not use glues, metals or aggressive attachment methods typically found in the industry. My Soft bond™ is natural and non-toxic, and is very gentle on the hair, not even attaching to the hair at all." Tiffany explains, “Instead, a casing is formed to hold the extension in place...” and continues, “I see clients hair grow longer and thicker while they are wearing my extensions, which is the opposite of most attachment techniques that give hair extensions a bad rap."
Her secret sauce is a patent-pending Soft bond™ extension attachment, something Tiffany discovered by accident and became so passionate about, she created a whole company around it. She then teamed with her daughters to open their first location.
Uptown’s newest spot, WEST COAST HAIR, is the place to get gorgeous movie-star, beach-y, beautiful hair that we all love to look at and dream for.

“Instagram gorgeous hair is a big deal for the millennials, but really, so is keeping that youthful feeling for those of us in our 40’s and 50’s, too," said Tiffany, “and at WEST COAST HAIR we provide a full service for those who are searching for either look: fuller or longer, but definitely more luxurious hair, than what we have naturally. We are here for that."

At WEST COAST HAIR, there is a single, exclusive installation method for a semi-permanent hair extension you can wear for many months, even up to a year and longer, with proper maintenance, using Tiffany’s own formulation and installation technique.

“Technicians are able to custom blend the color of the attachment to coordinate with client’s root hairs, as well as every extension hair bundle that is attached, for a seamless, natural-looking result," said Tiffany.

WEST COAST HAIR® uses a high-quality, human remy hair for longevity in the hair extension wear-time. Since there are no glues in the product, no chemicals used to remove the extension, the extensions can be reapplied to save resources a second, and even third, time around.
Tiffany’s clients fly in from all over the U.S. and Canada for her extensions.

“People are looking for a better, safer way to wear hair extensions," said Tiffany’s daughter, Cortney, hair extension artist and WEST COAST HAIR® certified technician. “They come to us because we have that safe, gentle product they are looking for."

Using hair extensions to add chemical-free color or highlights, fix a bad hair cut, supplement for thin or damaged hair and to get very long lengths to the hair, or to add just a bit of, or even massive amounts of, volume, is what WEST COAST HAIR offers.

"The confidence and happiness that comes from fixing your hair with a custom method like this is palpable," says Tiffany. "Clients leave with huge smiles, hugs, and a spring in their step. We love working here.”

The store also offers a fun, fast, application of colored strands and glitter to add a little flare to your hair that can be removed when you want, without returning to the salon. You can even get one for free when you stop in during their open hours.

One thing you want to know is, hair extensions like this are an investment. Tiffany says their full service assistance in caring for your investment will get you the best value from WEST COAST HAIR's longer, more discreet hair extension wear verses other solutions for your hair.
WEST COAST HAIR offers a VIP tiered membership program for monthly maintenance, washing and styling, discounts on services and special pricing on Tiffany’s exclusive, natural hair-care product line, JUST CLEAN HAIR™, which she created to pair perfectly with the WEST COAST HAIR extension method and technique.

At WEST COAST HAIR, a discreet and subtle "Volume Boost" of 40 strands begins at $450. A full set of "Volume Only" extensions, more than double the strands, will run you $600. Extensions which offer you length and volume starts at $800. And, if you’d just like to try out the extensions first or you have broken hair in front, "Long Bomb Bangs" is a service exclusive to WEST COAST HAIR, and adds 20 strands of undetectable hair right where you need it. Tiffany suggests new clients join her mailing list to learn about specials and sales, and watch her webinar for coupons which offers first-timers great discounts to try the extensions.

Tiffany Twist founded WEST COAST HAIR after creating the Soft bond™ product and technique for hair extensions. Long, beach-y, celebrity hair was conceived for anyone looking to add a little more hair to what they had; and fuller hair, fixes for choppy haircuts, changes in color, were all accomplished with a custom designed hair extension. Tiffany developed her hair care line, JUST CLEAN HAIR, as a natural, compatible, and healthy hair care to the extensions. More information can be found at or by calling 888-924-5487.

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