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A NEW Location for Soft Bond Strands™ Hair Extensions in Minneapolis
Whether it's the warm, welcome atmosphere, or the fresh brewed cup of coffee or chilly glass of wine, the comfy chair & expansive working counter, or your fav movies & shows, we KN😍W you'll  L❤️VE your time at WEST COAST HAIR Minneapolis.
Learn More About The Exclusive Hair Extension Services & Products  Offered @ WEST COAST HAIR Minneapolis 
Your Dream Hair Is Just A Day Away
We LOVE working from our location in Arbor Lakes and you can tell the minute you step foot in here how much we love to be here. When you come for your extensions you are given the red carpet. We will give you something to sip and munch and even watch while you go though the most amazing transformation in our styling chair.

WEST COAST HAIR® hair extensions in Minneapolis are the very best this city has to offer (and many cases throughout the country - we have clients coming in from all 4 surrounding states, LA, Texas and even a client who flies to us from Canada!) Once here, you can be sure you are in good hands and you will leave beautified!
An amazing transformation is coming your way! You will be thrilled!
Red carpet moment! Our fav girl in Minneapolis City Pages!
Meet Our Installers:
WEST COAST HAIR® was founded by Tiffany Twist and offers a customizable hair extension using Tiffany’s own natural and non-toxic hair extension soft bond™, a process and technique created by Tiffany herself ↗️and not offered anywhere else in the world. Tiffany has taught her daughter’s Cortney and Stephanie the technique. Both have gone on to perfect the unique and safe application.


I want to start out by saying I give every bit of credit to my mom, Tiffany, for making this incredible job opportunity for my sister and I. We have come so far with each other and it is wonderful being able to work with her everyday. 

Favorite Color: Pink 
Favorite Place: Water Island, Puerto Rico 
Favorite Meal: Steak and Seafood

I love to be by water. That’s why I love living in Minnesota, and also love to travel to the ocean. I have big dreams and expectations for myself but I believe you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Since you’re reading this, you're on the right track if long, thick hair is what you desire :) It is amazing and I am so grateful that I can give women the hair they have always dreamed of having. The smile on your face after seeing your new hair for the first time, and still after many months is all I need! 

Enjoy your natural, safe, soft bond hair extensions. Welcome to WEST COAST HAIR® 



My passion lies in the detail work of creating beautiful hair for our clients. The artistry reminds me of painting, which I also do, and my goal is to create a masterpiece - allowing clients to feel confident and love their hair! The detail and 7 years of expertise means super discreet hair extensions that blend and match a clients hair and I always strive to do my best! 

The relationships I have built with clients is a huge bonus to this work, and I love finding common interests to discuss and hearing about each clients individual story. 

Working with my Mom and Sister has been a great experience and it allows us to spend a lot of time together working towards a similar goal - providing a great product for great people - you! 

Favorite TV Series: The Real Housewives Franchise (Bravo, baby!)
Hometown: White Bear Lake
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, Law of Attraction, Great Music, Art, Organization and Minimalism
Family: My 9 year old son, two cats, and one guinea pig named Cupcake!

Can’t wait to serve you!
The Magic That Happens With Our Custom Designed Hair Extensions
A small sampling and we can do every head at WEST COAST HAIR! We work with extensions for correcting fine, thin hair; broken, damaged hair; coarse, unruly hair; and, in any hair type, natural, virgin, curly, kinky; and in all ethnicities such as, caucasian, native, african american, asian and so many others! We've not found a hair type not suited for WEST COAST HAIR Soft bond™ hair extensions. Try us today!
Isn’t it amazing that every head is different? 

Can you imagine trying to stick in the same kind of hair, the same way, on every head out there? 

Well, most brands do just that. 

But here’s what we do.... 

We customize every strand we put on your head. 

And we customize the attachment color. 

That means you are getting the most natural-looking results with the most discreet attachments. Add to that the comfort of Soft bond™ and now you’re experiencing the greatest hair extension ever.
Honestly, when I (Tiffany Twist) started to research all of these methods of attaching hair extensions, I was floored that all of them seemed to come from a GARAGE! 


You’ll find fishing line, glue with a very strong chemical smell and fusion which is just hot glue, and then little metal attachments they put on with a pair of pliers… 

Pliers in my hair? 

Uh, NO thanks! 

Now, I’ve formulated a product that doesn’t come from the garage. A natural, chemical-free, cosmetic grade Soft bond™ product that is fast cooling and safe for the hair. So your hair can grow. So your hair is not damaged. So you love your hair.. forever and ever.  Amen.
What You Can Expect
Please know that you will arrive into a clean, comfortable and sterile environment. All tools and surfaces are disinfected between each client and thorough audits are done by Tiffany and staff as to the well-being and comfort of the space we are working with you in. The neighborhood is a lovely and safe, gated and secure area with mostly a mix of established business professionals who are super friendly.

There are many wonderful restaurants and take-outs nearby. Many restaurants nearby deliver and there is a fantastic delivery service which will bring you food from any area restaurant for just $5.
Plan A Movie
We have selection of titles to watch while your installer works. Your installer loves to visit and catch up with everything that goes on in your life but, just so you don’t find her taking many more hours to do your hair, she needs a little time in there to concentrate on the work she’s doing. In that case, how great is it you’ll know what movie you’d like to see? There is also access to Netflix and Hulu, so you can episode binge. Plus, there’s a fantastic collection of just about every Housewives season in just about all of the cities: Beverly Hills, Orange County, New York, New Jersey and even the newest, Potomac. Wrap yourself up in some of that drama and your hair will be done in a blink! We also have a nice collection of books and magazines for you, too. But does anyone still read anymore these days? =) If so, Drew Barrymore’s biography is a book I bought at the airport and the buried myself in for the next few hours on a flight - it’ll get you through your install, ask the girls to grab it for ya! Of course, we have wifi so if you have your own thing to do on your device, that’s great, too! Oh, and I can’t forget the X-box. Ask for it ahead of time so the girls can hook it up for you. Playing Grand Theft Auto, cruising around Cali and crashing expensive cars while you’re getting your hair done? You can’t say we haven’t thought of everything! And it’s all for you. Enjoy!
Hair Extension Care in Minneapolis
Do you have questions about our hair extension care? No worries! We have you covered. While you’re in studio, these quick 5 minutes talks by Tiffany can help you understand more when it comes to bleaching and coloring while wearing hair extensions, how to wash and brush your hair extensions, styling your hair extensions, what tools to use, and what to be careful for. There is also some great succinct information on maintaining your hair extensions and about shed hairs and removing the extensions, what you need to know. You’ll also leave with a free care book.

Don’t catch all of the video in the studio? No worries! We send the links to you in your follow-up email so you can watch at home, too.
Retail Hair Extension Care in Minneapolis
Introducing.... Tiffany's exclusive and preferred hair extension care product line
This silicone-free product is perfect for Soft bond™ hair extensions and your luxurious Bohyme extension hair. PLUS, I've added botanical extracts, antioxidants & nutrient rich herbal oils. There is an active ingredient in the rosemary plant, which has worked to heal tissue and nerve damage, and this ability rejuvenates nerves in the scalp too, which has been found to possibly assist in vigorously restoring hair growth.

The properties in fresh rosemary oil have been shown equally effective against hair loss as the lab version of minoxidil, commercially known as Rogaine, so you get the natural version here, not the chemicals, plus there is the extract, different from the oil, which is shown to stimulate healthy hair growth. 

**Rosemary oil and extracts are a MUST HAVE for an environment that encourages healthy hair growth and sustainment.** 

JUST CLEAN HAIR™ cleansing system by Tiffany Twist is formulated for any hair type. Both men & women, and their little people, can benefit. 

NO build-up formulation for a forever shampoo formula you love. 

The hair stays clean for days and the hunt for a better hair care system is over.
just clean hair shampoo and conditioning bottles
  • Sulphate-Free Cleansers Without Carcinogens 
  • ​​Silicone-Free
  • ​No Coated Hair or Clogged Follicles
  • ​​Essential Oils To Help Stop & Prevent Hair Loss
  • ​Extracts That Encourage Healthy Hair Growth
  • ​​Humectants Keeps Hair Hydrated, Soft & Bouncy
  • ​Vegan
  • ​​Cruelty-Free
WEST COAST HAIR Through The Years
Our fun, colored Fan Strands™ are loved by all who get them! (PHOTO: MarketFest outdoor party in the streets of White Bear Lake, ’14)
Recording our radio commercial, 2014. Want to hear it? Click here ⬇️
On the Caribbean island of Hans Lollik.
A Venice Beach install day.
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