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At WEST COAST HAIR, we are pros at this ONE THING we do every single day. This is not a salon and there are no cuts and colors, or chemicals in here. We specialize in a technique formed, and product formulated, by Tiffany Twist, owner and entrepreneur. We custom blend a high-end human extension hair, along with the attachment bond, on-site, during your install, to ensure a PERFECT blend and natural-looking results for long-term hair extension wear. We've designed the most perfect strand-by-strand hair extension for permanent wear. Does this mean they never come out? No! They are so gentle and never grip your hair like glues and clips. They can stay in the hair with proper care for up to year and longer yet anytime you can simply bend them back and forth by hand to break up the bond and slip the extension from the hair without a single chemical or tool. It's Soft Bond Strand™ magic!
Soft Bond Strands™ (SBS) Hair Extensions 
Volume Only
Supplemental hair is added at your own hair lengths. This can be subtle, starting at a 40-Strand Volume Boost, to offering the thick and full tresses you crave with a Full Volume Install using 75-90 strands and more! You decide! 
Length & Volume
Extensions always add volume and you can choose your length. How many inches would you like to add  your hair? We have 2-4 and 6-8 and even 10 plus inch options. Let us know!
Upkeep is simple. We give you the knowledge you need to ensure you are taking care of your investment & your own hair. Maintenance & check-ins every 8-10 weeks will help you keep long, comfortable wear for up to a year.
Why Choose Soft Bond Strands™ For Your Hair Extensions?
Soft Bond Strands™ are a glue-free and adhesive-free product formulated by WEST COAST HAIR owner & founder, Tiffany Twist. It is a proprietary method and trade-secret product only offered through WEST COAST HAIR services, locations and licensed installers.
  • No glue used in your Soft Bond Strands™ means it is gentle for your hair:
Every other strand-by-strand bonded method out there uses an adhesive or glue. Fusion is hot glue and cold fusion is the same formulation as a clear nail polish. These harsh, binding products tear at the hair and cause huge problems for the wearer when you want to remove them.
  • No metal is used so Soft Bond Strands™ are MRI safe: 
Hair extension clips are harsh in the hair. They can pull out the hair with prolonged use and cause bald spots. Small metal links used to attach extensions might be lined with silicone to help these to stay and not slice at the hair but if you need an emergency MRI, they all have to come out!
  • No chemicals for removing is so good for your hair and scalp: 
If you wear fusion or tape-ins and other adhesive methods, there are acetone chemicals  and harsh oily removers used to get the extension glue out of your hair. These chemicals leach into your pores, follicles and scalp, not an ideal environment for where our brain sits.  Soft bond™ breaks out of the hair by hand. No pliers, metal tools, acetone, nothing. Safe, easy removal. When you are ready.
  • Long term wear & reusable extension hair: 
Soft Bond Strands™ are lightweight and can barely be noticed. You'll forget you're wearing them after a day or 2. Strand-by-strand extensions when cared for can be worn for 4-6 months. With maintenance, proper care & regular detangling, and maybe having extensions moved up here and there, our clients are seeing their installs last well over a year. Then, even after a full removal, because we remove the hair without chemical or oily solvent, the hair can be reused for subsequent installs. 
  • Easy upkeep options make it simple for you: 
Choose our al-a-cart maintenance appointments or regular upkeep appointments, our WASH, DRY, STYLE services, product and appointment discounts for you and your friends and family!  You will also learn the few easy steps you need to know to care for your extensions through our care videos, care book and cheat sheets. 
Don't Just Take Our Word For It :-)
Check out what these beauties who took the leap of faith had to say about their dream hair....
…loved them. They are the only extensions that haven't slipped out of my hair after a week or two.
HI TIFFANY AND STEPHANIE!! Just got back from Vegas loved my hair and the extra body I had:) Just wanted to say thanks!
[This] is the BEST permanent extension hair system EVER! and I know because i have used every type there is out there. I LOVE IT! Thanks Tiffany!!!
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