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What are WEST COAST HAIR® Natural Soft Bond Strands™ Hair Extensions?
WEST COAST HAIR® is a proud combination of our proprietary natural bonding product Soft Bond Strands™ and our partner Bohyme’s luxe extension hair, resulting in a method of semi-permanent strand-by-strand hair extensions that can be worn for up to 6 months and longer. 
Are they FUSION hair extensions?
We DO NOT work with fusion extensions. Our patent-pending technique of soft-bonding application also consists in strand-by-strand placement, however we do not use hard-to-remove keratin, glues, hot-glues, or keratin fusion to attach the extensions, instead we use Soft Bond Strands™ which is exclusive to West Coast Hair® and was formulated and created by Tiffany Twist. 
Do you offer other services besides hair extensions?
We are an exclusionary brand and service. We only offer and manage this proprietary service created and founded by Tiffany Twist. This excludes all standard hair salon and cosmetology services such as cutting, coloring, foiling and bleaching one's natural hair. 
Do you teach this method to other stylists and salons?
This is our proprietary method and product and we only use Soft Bond Strands™ through WEST COAST HAIR® and do not sell to other salons.
Do you offer training?
We only offer in-house, contractor training for those looking for a career or side gig installing Soft Bond Strands™ hair extensions at a WEST COAST HAIR location, currently in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in West Hollywood, California. 

This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking for a career involving hair with a private, unregulated service that does not, in these locations, require licensing and expensive school programs for products we do not use or services we do not provide. It is also an excellent opportunity for current hair stylists and license holders who are looking for a change, due to personal or health reasons, to an environment that does not use, contain, or harbor harsh chemicals, and chemical fumes. Inquire here.
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What is Soft Bond Strands™ and what is the bonding made of?
Soft Bond Strands™ is a safe, gentle bonding material created by Tiffany Twist, owner and founder of WEST COAST HAIR® and used to attach strands of extension hair. It is a proprietary blend of natural and non-toxic ingredients which allows for a gentle - yet secure - hold to the hair. The Soft Bond Strands™ product is removed from the hair without any chemicals or tools and, with proper care and removal, leaves no damage common to products using glues, metals and adhesives.
Where can I get Soft Bond Strands™ hair extensions?
There are a few options for you. Our services are offered by appointment in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in Los Angeles, California. We do consider mobile locations on a per-case basis. If you’d like to inquire for getting WEST COAST HAIR® extensions, please do so here.
I have thin hair, can I wear these?
Absolutely, yes. The Soft Bond Strands™ is super lightweight and very discreet. The bonds can be made very thin and are nearly invisible in the hair!
How is Soft Bond Strands™ maintained?
The extension can be removed and moved up, reusing the extension hair, during maintenance, if desired. A removal and reinstall is recommended at 6 months. Find more information regarding upkeep here
How long does the product last in my hair?
Soft Bond Strands™ is made for permanent and semi-permanent hair extension wear. Four to 6 months is a typical time-frame for wearing strand-by-strand extensions and I, along with a few other clients, have worn mine for over a year. Plus, with Soft Bond Strands™ hair extensions, you can re-use your extension hair so you can adjust them and wear them until you decide to completely remove them. Some clients choose to do this and cycle their extension strands for up to 2 years while other clients just want new hair in every 3-4 months so they will remove everything and start fresh.
What can the Soft Bond Strands™ handle?
So much! ☀️You will find the Soft Bond Strands™ will withstand nearly all of your standard activities as well as some extreme ones, too. Running, biking, motorcycles, boating, skiing, diving, and swimming are just a handful of them. Just follow the instructions in your care book and in our care videos - you will receive at the time of your service - and you'll do great.

Here are the 3 things you must avoid:
 • Silicone in products you use. This wears at the bond and will cause premature shedding and extension loss.
 • High heat that burns your skin. You want to allow your bonds to cool before pulling at them with your fingers, a comb or hair brush.
 • Letting your install go un-maintained. Flattened bonds must be rolled to a cylindrical shape and your shed hair strands must be detangled at least weekly. You want your strands to grow out separated from each other and the hair cannot be allowed to matte and tangle, ever. 

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What kind of hair is it? And what kind of texture should I ask for?
We partner with and use The high-end brand of extension hair Bohyme, which is sold exclusively to the professional industry. It is the best human hair quality available, in which you will find thicker ends and longer lasting wear time. 

When selecting texture, you probably want a texture close to your own. We have access to 5 textures: straight, wavy, curly, spiral and yaki. When you send in a photo of your natural hair, be sure it is the best representation of what we should use when selecting your texture and style. There are places in the appointment form to send notes and we always appreciate when you describe, in your own words, the color and texture and desired results which allow us to help to over-deliver when it comes to getting the perfect product suite set up for you. 
What length hair extensions do you work with?
At WEST COAST HAIR® we usually use up to 22 inch extension hair lengths to create your look. If you want extensions longer than 22 inches, we can have them specially ordered for you, make sure to choose specialty order when you make an appointment. 

If you are new to wearing extensions, you will probably want to add 3-4 inches of extension hair to your own hair length for blending and unnoticeable wear. Usually, 14 inch extension hair will fall around the bra-strap area and is easier to care for. An 18 inch extension hair is the most common and asked-for length. Some colors are only available in longer lengths and super long length and some colors are not available in super long lengths. Rarely is there a need to, but please be assured we will reach out to you if there are any questions regarding the lengths and colors you send us, when you schedule.
How can you be sure my hair will match the hair extensions?
At WEST COAST HAIR®, we custom design the whole suite of products that are used for you, and your hair. We custom mix, and blend, both the extension hair and attachment bond on site, before and during your appointment. This is how we can offer you the most discreet, natural-looking hair extension in the market. How does it work? You come in with your natural hair the color you want and we will design your hair extension install to blend and match perfectly to that. Where other products and methods are limited to one, or 2, attachment colors, usually blonde and brunette, we can accommodate an endless number of shades via our 5 base colors of light blonde, dark blonde, brunette, black, and red. So many times I can point out my attachment and still someone will not be able to see it.
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How do the extensions come out?
It's so simple, and magic, really. There are no chemicals, oily removers or tools needed. Everything remains solid and secure in its casing and then when you want to remove it, you can just break up the bond (cracking up the hard, dried casing which creates the attachment) by hand, remove the extension bundle, and comb out the residue. 
Can I touch-up or color my own hair with the extensions in?
Ugh, gray hair and dark roots! 

Yes, of course, you can easily get root touch-ups and foils in-between and around the extensions you are wearing. But, be sure your colorist understands the Soft Bond Strands™ hair extension product in your hair - we have a small pamphlet you can take to them - and, thus for example, does not put you under a high heat dryer, or swish your extension hair around in a washing sink, or leave it to dry all tangled up in a towel. 

When you need complete color changes, you should plan to do this between removal and re-application of the hair extensions as you can color your extensions and many clients successfully do, but this is not recommended by us or the hair manufacturer since they cannot control or be a part of that process of who's doing it and what they are using. Plus, the extension hair is pre-colored and your results may vary from your own hair coloring process and results. 
When can I wash and style my hair?
Wash after a minimum 24 hours has passed to allow bonds to cure (48 hours is better). 💦Then at least one, and up to 3, times per week.  You can wash daily if you need to but this may wear your hair and bond down faster. You can style like your own hair immediately, just be careful with putting too high of heat right on, or near, your bonds.

Also, you need to check your shampoo & conditioner, and other product's ingredient list thoroughly. We want to choose products that without sulphates (for the extension hair) and contain no silicones (for the attachments.) To be safe, you can use an amazing, natural shampoo & conditioner, created especially for WEST COAST HAIR and to help our clients with their sparse, thin, damaged, and slow-growing hair by purchasing it in our store or online here
I've removed the extensions, can I put new ones in right away or should I let the natural hair rest?
The Soft Bond Strands™ is gentle. 🌱 You can wash and dry your hair, it will be ready for a new installation right away if you like. Since the removal is done without chemicals or oily solvents, you may reuse your extension hair for subsequent installations.
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