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All About Upkeep: WEST COAST HAIR Maintenance for Soft bond Strands

Upkeep for the hair extensions is easy and you have a few options for maintaining your hair extensions...
Written by Tiffany Twist on May 17th 2020

Minneapolis WEST COAST HAIR Has The Best Hair Extension Techs - WHY?

You guys are always surprised when I tell you that both my daughters apply the hair extensions for me at WEST COAST HAIR. I'd love to share the story with you and tell you how that all happened.
Written by Tiffany Twist on Oct 18th 2019 - With Audio Version
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Looking For Hair Extensions? Here's What We Offer At WEST COAST HAIR

In this blog post PLUS video series, Tiffany shares more on her Soft Bond Strands™ hair extension method and process and what she offers a client at WEST COAST HAIR®
Written by Tiffany Twist on Nov. 2nd 2019

OMG I Can't Believe You Said That!

Hi friends! You guys have no idea how valuable your comments are to me!
Written by Tiffany Twist  on Oct. 2nd 2019
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We've Got Ya!

"The care videos WEST COAST HAIR provides for you are a huge PLUS!"
"One of the things I love about this hair extension company is how they hold your hand..."
“Tiffany...is truly passionate about hair and helping others.” —Tabitha on Yelp
Written by Tiffany Twist  on Jan. 28th 2018

The Safest Hair Extensions for Thin Hair: Soft bond Strands

Thin hair, limp hair, damaged and broken hair all cry out for some volume and hair extensions are the fastest, easiest, best way to get fuller, thicker hair. The problem is, there are hair extension products out there which may only exasperate the problems thin, limp or broken hair have. WEST COAST HAIR is different....
Hair extensions
Written by Tiffany Twist 
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Daily Hair Tutor - What are Single Strand Hair Extensions?

Hey Babes! It's Cortney, WEST COAST HAIR® technician, and I wanted to go further into a few of the methods I mentioned in my last post, What Do I REALLY Know About Hair Extensions. This is where you need to be if you want to decide if a single strand hair extension method is for you. Also, this is where I can really tell you guys about the product that I have been installing and wearing for years now.
Written by Cortney

Working It (I Mean Working Out) in WEST COAST HAIR

I know I started this blog post to be about working out in your hair extensions, but look at this WEST COAST HAIR client working IT! Ah-MAZING! So, the thing is, you ask me, can I work out and wear my hair extensions? And let me tell you 5 reasons outlining exactly why you can, and should.
Hair extensions
Written by Tiffany Twist  on April 17th 2018
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WEST COAST HAIR and Your Ocean / Beach / Island / Ship Adventure

For so many of us it takes an upcoming vacation or event before we think of doing something really great with our hair. This means I get asked a lot: How well do your extensions hold up on the beach? Can I tan in your soft bond extension? Can I swim in the extension hair? These 3 questions and 5 great answers coming right up!
Written by Tiffany Twist  on Oct. 6th 2018

I Loved My First Install! Now What? Reinstalling vs. Getting New Hair: The Great Debate

So you loved your first install, but the time has come – removal is imminent and it’s time to get those extensions re-done! Clients often ask me after their first install, should I re-use the hair I have already worn, or get new hair?
Hair extensions
Written by Stephanie Dean on April 17th 2018
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Daily Hair Tutor - What Do I REALLY Know About Hair Extensions?

What do I REALLY know about hair extensions? And how did I not know about this incredible product? Hello my beautiful hair goddesses! It's Cortney, WEST COAST HAIR® technician, and I am here to enter you (or enter you deeper) into the world of hair extensions…
Written by Cortney
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