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I love love love your product...I think it is the best invention ever for does not ruin your hair like glue...LOVE IT!
Kristen, age 26
I have tried and tested so many hair extensions clips, stick glue, nail glue and wefts all very heavy and painful the glue also pulls out. Now with this I cant even feel them in. they are light and hair moves easily and very comfortable.
Your system is truly amazing as is your customer service. I'm hopeful to say you have a customer for life! Thanks again!
This was my first time wearing any sort of strand method. I researched other methods, and read stories of the damage occurring. As I was going to do this on my fine hair I wanted to eliminate any potential risk, and was seeking the least damaging method. Then I found out about Tiffany Twist. Once I tried it, I could clearly tell there wasn't going to be any damage to my natural hair! I love that this product is so uncomplicated... I can't imagine using any other install method, such as fusion, or shrink tubes, that consist of such complicated removal processes with potential for damage. THANK YOU for sharing your unique product with everyone!
Julie D
This is by far the best product for the money! It was easy and a lot less time consuming than other extensions i have had done! it takes some time getting used to how much to use and things, but oh its so wonderful! thank you ever so much!!!
The whole system was a dream… The hair is absolutely gorgeous on my daughter. She has had them in for 3 weeks and not one has fell out and every time she washes it it looks as beautiful as the day she [got them]. Love it!!!!
I would highly recommend the system. The hair is the best quality you can get anywhere. Excellent customer service, prompt and reliable advice. Tiffany Twist herself is an amazingly sincere and friendly person, she really cares about her clients. You won't regret any purchase you make!
These are by far easier and nicer than the other kinds I've tried. And you're right, i can't even feel them! ...I love your system. I will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer!
Was natural and easy to wear and @ a great price.
Easy to use, great instructional material for the first time wearer. Will definitely be a repeat client and user of the systems.. Thanks TT for bringing an affordable and gentle on your natural hair extensions system that is not only beautiful, but easy to use.
This is a remarkable product, all its claims may seem too good to be true but they are all true. Thank you so much for creating a true and trustworthy product!
This is a great product and is worth getting it … for my friends and I to have great extensions!!
This is the best extension method out there, and is easy enough for the novice, yet gives such amazing results- you look like a million bucks!
I love the system. I will never wear another.
Highly recommended product, if I have my way I'll use it forever!!!