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Tiffany Twist
West Coast Hair®
Voice Phone Number: 888-924-5487
FAX Number: 888-924-5487
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West Coast Hair®; a natural, discreet and long lasting hair extension method, finally! The leading-edge bond has everyone asking, how did she do it?

The glue-free soft bond was created by author and entrepreneur Tiffany Twist in Minneapolis, MN. Developed initially for herself, as a safe alternative to hair extension methods she had used before, she spent the next few years excitedly turning her product into a business, and then perfecting it. With hundreds of clients wearing WEST COAST HAIR® successfully, the easy to wear and non-damaging bond is ready to be released to into a larger market.

THE BOND™, the magic of this leading hair extension method contains naturally occurring lipids which seep around the hair to form a small, flexible casing which can be worn for months and removed easily without chemicals. Coupled with THE HAIR™, an exotic blend of virgin hairs, cleansed and processed without harsh chemicals, which can be worn for over a year with proper care means a system in hair extensions that has never before been seen.

With 2 methods of receiving services available, clients receive hair extension installations at Tiffany Twist's WEST COAST HAIR® studio located in Minneapolis and by appointment in Los Angeles. The services are complete packaged with all instructions needed to care for your WEST COAST HAIR® installation. Inquiries for WEST COAST HAIR® services can be made on the website, For more information contact Tiffany Twist.