Thanks Tiffany. I love my new hair! You did a great job. I will definitely be calling/e-mailing you when I am ready to get the extensions re-done. Thanks again!!
WEST COAST HAIR® custom designed hair extensions in Minneapolis amd Los Angeles
I wanted a hair extension just like I wanted my surroundings…
natural and non-toxic.

– Tiffany Twist,
founder WEST COAST HAIR and
creator of Soft Bond™ hair extensions


THE BOND™ is a specially formulated soft bond™ which allows for extreme comfort and ease of wear. Your hair will not experience damage!

THE BOND™ contains ColorLock™, a wonderful product which keeps your bonds vibrant, just like your hair, for the amount of time you wear them. This means you’ll find discreet and blended wear of the hair extension bonds and absolutely no flaking or whitening of the bond as you often experience in keratin and fusion bonding and no green casting like you can experience with metals in your hair from hair extension links and crimping.

The WEST COAST HAIR® glue-free, soft bond is a flexible and comfortable bond which keeps your extension hair attached securely for the amount of time you want to wear it, around 4-6 months.


When you are ready to remove the extension, you can simply crack the WEST COAST HAIR® bond, crumble it to small pieces by hand, and easily release the complete extension without using any chemicals or oily dissolvents.

This means you can even re-use your extension hair!

So Many Lengths and Styles Offer Natural-Looking Results!

Whether you are looking to discreetly compliment the lack in your hair, if your hair is limp, fine, or just a little patchy looking, or you want long mermaid hair that would be impossible to grow before you’re 100, we have services to accommodate. The multiple lengths, colors and styles offer us endless possibilities to give you your dream hair! Inquire today to see if WEST COAST HAIR® is your beautiful hair solution. We look forward to working with you!
Length of extension hair available


WEST COAST HAIR® is a combination of a soft bond™ hair extension attachment and an exotic blend of luxurious extension hair from responsible and reputable sources.

The WEST COAST HAIR® extension hair is pre-treated with a gentle rinse of carefully selected and high-end salon coloring products, your hair remains vibrant and beautiful throughout your install.

The WEST COAST HAIR® installation offers the finest in extension hair, which you wear along with flexible, non-damaging hair extension bond.

Using extension hair from our trusted partners means many months of tangle-free, no matting, no crawling of the extension hair with proper care.

And because the WEST COAST HAIR® glue-free bond needs no chemicals or oily removers to remove, YOU CAN REUSE THIS EXTENSION HAIR if you choose, saving resources, if you want to. What a great gift to give yourself or your environment!.

Extension hair from our sources stays beautiful and tangle-free 6 months to a year or more with proper care.
WEST COAST HAIR® blonde extension hair
Best quality and beautiful blonde color extension hair
High quality and expensive extension hair

Styles and Textures That Blend To Give You The Most Natural-Looking Hair Extension Wear!

WEST COAST HAIR® offers the highest-quality, most beautiful extension hair in a variety of textures to blend with your natural hair. Your installer custom selects styles and blend colors for you to produce discreet, natural-looking results. Coupled with WEST COAST HAIR® a natural soft bond™ attachment, you are looking at the most comfortable hair extension in the world! It’s no wonder why clients travel in from thought the country and beyond to acquire the very best long-lasting, permanent hair extension you can find today! Inquire here to see if WEST COAST HAIR® is your best and most beautiful hair solution. We look forward to serving you!
WEST COAST HAIR® straight, wavy, and curly extension hair
Extension hair available in straight, wavy and curly. Kinky curly and Yaki straight hair is also available (but not pictured.)
Tiffany Twist
Tiffany Twist is the founder or WEST COAST HAIR® and creator of the soft bond product and technique of applying hair extensions. Both of Tiffany's daughters apply the hair extensions at her Minneapolis based studio. Clients fly in from Canada and throughout the US to receive this exclusive product and specialized wear offered only through

You can learn more quickly! Sign up for Tiffany's consultation webinar streaming live today and accessible via your computer browser or handheld device. Easy to take an interactive part and ask Tiffany the questions you've been wanting to know or just listen in anonymously and learn all about what WEST COAST HAIR® can offer you.
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