Frequently Asked Questions: Hair Extensions
Hey Tiffany, I love, love, love, my hair! Lots of hair, it's nice and full and the color is great!! Thanks so much!!
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WEST COAST HAIR® custom designed hair extensions in Minneapolis amd Los Angeles
I wanted a hair extension just like I wanted my surroundings…
natural and non-toxic.

– Tiffany Twist,
founder WEST COAST HAIR and
creator of Soft Bond™ hair extensions


  • What are WEST COAST HAIR® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions?

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    WEST COAST HAIR® is a proud combination of safe hair extension products forming a method of semi-permanent strand-by-strand hair extensions. Tiffany's SOFT BOND™ product, a proprietary blend of natural, non-toxic & cosmetic grade ingredients and our partner Bohyme's LUXE brand extension hair, which offers an amazing, silky long-lasting extension hair you have installed by us and can wear for up to 6 months and longer with services varying in adding length, volume, color, high-lights, fixing hair-cuts and processing damage giving you the appearance of better and healthier hair.

    WEST COAST HAIR® offers appointments in Minneapolis (daily) and Los Angeles (bi-monthly). Please use this form here to begin the consulting and qualifying process.

    Find more before and after pictures here.
  • Are they fusion hair extensions?

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    No. WEST COAST HAIR® hair extensions do not use hard-to-remove keratin, glues or keratin fusion to attach the extensions. The professional soft bonding product is exclusive to WEST COAST HAIR®, created by Tiffany Twist and probably not anything you've seen before. The patent-pending technique of soft-bonding is exclusive to Tiffany Twist's hair extension companies.
  • Can I get these anywhere else?

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    There are a few options for you. Typically our services are not offered outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our technicians occasionally install in Los Angeles and do look at mobile locations on a per-case basis. If you’d like to inquire for getting WEST COAST HAIR® extensions, please do so here: Tiffany, the creator of WEST COAST HAIR®, is in the process of offering franchise opportunities and opening more locations soon.
  • What is THE BOND™?

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    It is the safe, gentle bonding material used to attach strands (small bundles) of extension hair. It is a proprietary blend of natural and non-toxic ingredients which allows for a gentle hold to the hair (and secure! Don't let gentleness fool ya, these babies can stay until you remove them.) The soft bond™ is removed from the hair without chemicals or tools and leaves no damage in its wake.
  • Will this work for African American hair?

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    Yes. If one can wear fusion hair extension bonds successfully, you can wear this, as well. You will find many of the same wear and care instructions for hot and cold fusion hair extensions apply to WEST COAST HAIR®'s Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions. Then, without harsh acetone chemicals to remove the hair extensions, you should find the soft bond is much gentler on dryer, courser and/or chemically treated hair.
  • I have thin hair, can I wear these?

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    Yes. The SOFT BOND™ is lightweight and very discreet. The bonds can be made very thin and are nearly invisible in the hair!
  • How do the extensions come out?

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    Simple! No chemicals or tools. Just break up the bond (the hard, dried casing which creates the attachment), remove the extension and comb out the residue.
  • Is it safe for my hair?

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    Yes, extremely! There are no chemicals or tools used in WEST COAST HAIR®'s hair extension method and technique and SOFT BOND™ is a natural and gentle product.
  • How long does the product last in my hair?

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    Many months, typically 4-6 or until you remove them. I've worn mine for a year and longer.
  • What kind of hair is it? And should I ask for straight or wavy extension hair?

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    We partner with and use a Bohyme brand of extension hair that is sold exclusively to the professional industry. It is the highest quality available in which you will find thicker ends and longer lasting wear time. And, when selecting texture, you probably want a texture close to your own. But, if you flat iron your hair all the time, choose straight extension hair. Usually a loose wave is just there until you wash it and the straight may become a little wavy after washing. The best results for any extension hair, like your own, are achieved with styling. We do have access to 5 textures: straight, wavy, curly, spiral and yaki.
  • What length hair extensions should I ask for?

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    You will probably want to add 3-4 inches of extension hair to your own hair length for blending and unnoticeable wear. 14-16 inches is in the bra-strap area and is easier to care for. 18 inches is the most-asked-for length. Some colors are only available in longer lengths and super long length. We select lengths, and price our services, based on the number of inches you'd like to add to your own hair length.
  • How long will this take to apply?

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    Average around 4-5 hours but depends on how much hair you are putting in and the exact service you select. Some services are completed in an hour or 2 such as ours long bomb bangs and volume boost, and other services adding lengths to very short hair to start can go 7 hours. Our appointment scheduler should give you a good idea of what to expect when it comes to the timing of your particular hair extension install.
  • Can I color the extension hair?

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    You can but this is not recommended since the extension hair is pre-colored.

    (It might be good to note here that we only do this type of hair extension. We don't offer standard salon services and our expertise is not spread over many services. We do this one thing, and we do it phenomenally well, and you will be very pleased with our services and support surrounding it. We prep, color blend and match the extensions while applying them and we also apply them "to length," making only the final trimming, blending and styling of the extension necessary.)
  • Can I color my hair with the extensions in?

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    You can easily get root touch-ups. When you need complete color changes, you should plan this between removal and re-application of the hair extensions.

    (It might be good to note here that we only do this type of hair extension. We don't offer standard salon services such as coloring, foiling, bleaching. We have an amazing referral for you so, if you are looking, just ask!)
  • What can the THE BOND™ handle?

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    A lot! You will find the bonds will withstand most standard activities as well as some extreme ones, too! Running, biking, motorcycles, boating, skiing, diving, swimming are just a handful of them!

    You will be careful of the products you use. Shampoos and conditioners which have heavy oils in the ingredient list, such as avocado, Moroccan, are a big no-no and will allow for the bonds to shed and attachments to fall.
  • When can I wash and style my hair?

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    Wash after a minimum 24 hours has passed to allow bonds to cure (48 hours is even better). Then at least 1-3 times a week and daily, if you need to. Style like your own hair immediately, just be careful with too high of heat right on your bonds.

    Also, check your shampoo and conditioner ingredients list thoroughly. We want no sulphates for the extension hair and no oils for the attachments.
  • Can I swim or go tanning?

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    Yes. Wash and rinse your extensions WELL after swimming. The Bohyme extension hair is a brand I recommend if you are planning to be in chlorine or salt water. Your bonds should not be wet beyond 3 hours for best wear. Anything longer could allow for shedding of the extension hairs. You will want to wait 24-48 hours after applying before swimming.
  • How do I take the extensions out?

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    You can come in for a removal via our technician or you can opt to do this yourself. To remove an extension, just bend up the bonds to crack and break them up. Remove the extension and comb out the residue along with any shed hairs which have been held in the bonds.
  • Can I take the extensions out in the shower to just wash them out?

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    No! Removing from wet hair is a difficult task. Remove from dry hair only. Using a little olive oil will dissolve bond and help you carefully remove shed hairs. (Only use the oil if you are not planning to reuse your extension hair.)
  • I've removed my extensions and have bond in my hair, can I leave it there?

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    You can and it will eventually come out, but carefully removing shed hairs and tangles from those shed hairs is the best way to take care of your hair when removing the extensions.
  • I have so many hairs coming out! Am I removing these wrong?

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    Probably not. When you remove the bonds after many months you will see the shed hairs which were held in each of your bonds. You naturally shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. In just 10 days that is 500-1000 hairs! You are seeing them at once.
  • I've removed the extensions, can I put new ones in right away or should I let the natural hair rest?

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    The THE BOND™ is gentle. You can wash and dry your hair, it will be ready for a new installation right away if you like. Since the removal is done without chemicals or oily solvents, you may reuse your extension hair for subsequent installations.
Do you have a question not on the list? Please feel free to ask it here! We are happy to answer!
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Tiffany Twist is the founder or WEST COAST HAIR® and creator of the soft bond product and technique of applying hair extensions. Both of Tiffany's daughters apply the hair extensions at her Minneapolis based studio. Clients fly in from Canada and throughout the US to receive this exclusive product and specialized wear offered only through

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