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Natural Hair Extensions - Soft Bonds by WEST COAST HAIR

This is a client who came to our studio looking for a better hair extension option.

Her hair was broken and frayed from the bleaching and processing and clip-in's and other hair extension wear left her with bald spots. The clips were too heavy and caused the hair to be pulled out from the root at the sides of her  scalp.

She was desperate to cover these hair problems with a safer, gentler hair extension method and product.

We shared with her our special hair extension bonding product and technique, called soft bonding. We explained how the hair extension market hasn't seen anything like it before. I created the product and developed the method because I wanted a product for my hair extensions that was gentle on the natural hair, easy to care for and simple to remove. 

Our client loved the difference. The hair extension attachments were lightweight and immediately comfortable. 

We will keep you posted on the healing of her hair! We expect her hair to grow longer and stronger even while wearing the soft bond hair extensions as has happened for so many of our hair extension clients.

WEST COAST HAIR® is an exclusive & branded soft bond hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. Hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis. WEST COAST HAIR® is Tiffany’s interpretation of the source of the most beautiful hair in the world. “Long, beautiful, wavy beach hair was a dream and a goal accomplished through my development of WEST COAST HAIR®. I hope you love it as much as I do!” – Tiffany Twist, founder WEST COAST HAIR®

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