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Before and After Hair Extensions Review & Client Testimonial

This is feedback we received from our client, Jodi, who came to our studio looking for a better hair extension option. She had been wearing fusion hair extensions for a long period of time and was frustrated with the hair extension and natural hair loss she experienced wearing this type of hair extension.

She was hoping to find a hair extension method that would be gentler on her hair and safer to wear in her fine, processed hair.

When I sat down with Jodi, I shared with her how I created my exclusive soft bond hair extension product and technique. I explained how the hair extension market hasn't seen anything like it before. I created the product and developed the method because I wanted a product for my hair extensions that was gentle on the natural hair, easy to care for and simple to remove. 

She loved the difference in the product and the price! She was accustomed to paying 3 times the cost for her hair extensions.

We are excited to have a new, regular client and anxious to see her hair grow longer and stronger even while wearing the hair extensions!

WEST COAST HAIR® is an exclusive & branded soft bond hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. Hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis. WEST COAST HAIR® is Tiffany’s interpretation of the source of the most beautiful hair in the world. “Long, beautiful, wavy beach hair was a dream and a goal accomplished through my development of WEST COAST HAIR®. I hope you love it as much as I do!” – Tiffany Twist, founder WEST COAST HAIR®

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