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Hair Extensions Review

This is Anna sharing about her WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension installation day with Tiffany Twist. Anna had been wanting the longest fantasy hair she could find and to be put in with WEST COAST HAIR®’s safe, natural soft bond.

Anna was so happy to find and wear a safe, comfortable hair extension product like this.

Anna was wonderful to work with and we look forward to her beautiful pictures and updates!

WEST COAST HAIR® is an exclusive & branded soft bond hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. Hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis. WEST COAST HAIR® is Tiffany’s interpretation of the source of the most beautiful hair in the world. “Long, beautiful, wavy beach hair was a dream and a goal accomplished through my development of WEST COAST HAIR®. I hope you love it as much as I do!” – Tiffany Twist, founder WEST COAST HAIR®

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