Hair Extensions With Natural Soft Bonding
WEST COAST HAIR® custom designed hair extensions in Minneapolis amd Los Angeles
I wanted a hair extension just like I wanted my surroundings…
natural and non-toxic.

– Tiffany Twist,
founder WEST COAST HAIR and
creator of Soft Bond™ hair extensions


Can I color my hair while wearing the extensions? You can color/foil any of the hair that is not bonded. Please note, you must be careful with the hair that is bonded because the chemicals you use to color can seep down the hair shaft and be held in the bonds and cause damage to the hair if it is not rinsed out. Also, be aware that hair colored while wearing the bonds will remain uncolored while held in the bonds. This will produce an uncolored area when removing the bonds.

Can I color or perm the extension hair? The remy extension hair comes in colors and textures you can match and blend to your client. You may color or perm the extension hair we have available for this. There is more information for the stylist on extension hair you can color or perm in your Complete Training Kit.

Can the hair be ponytailed or worn in an up-do? Easily and unnoticeably! Wear pigtails, braids, ponytails.

Do I need to use special shampoo and other products? Your extensions can be washed normally and the bonds will withstand shampoos and conditioners. It is recommended that gels and mousses are kept off of the bonds and that the bonds are rinsed very well after washing. Non-sulfate products are best for the hair as sulfates can dry the extension hair.

Can I sleep in the hair extensions? Yes, a loose ponytail or braid is recommended when sleeping and NEVER sleep with wet hair or extensions. A silk or satin pillowcase can help guard against tangling and matting. You might actually wake up with hair ready to wear all day!

How do I take them out? Removal is easy! There are no chemical removers or tools that will pull on your hair or tear at it. You will simply bend the bond back and forth to crack it up completely until it releases the extension bundle. The residue is simply combed or brushed out.

Depending on the amount of time you have worn your extensions, shed hairs will have accumulated and be held in the hair extension bonds. At the time of removal you will come across these hundreds of shed hairs which will have tangled around the root hairs of that strand. Those shed hairs also wrap themselves around the bond leaving bits of bond residue in the hair.

Careful combing of these shed hairs and tangles releases the shed hairs and remaining bond and leaves the natural hair and new growth completely unharmed. No harsh chemicals at the scalp or oily removers to use! This means you can reuse your extension hair!


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Service couldn't get any BETTER! The whole system was a dream. Love it!!!! (I broke a few bonds to see how easy they remove and my hair had no traumatic stress to remove and/or comb out the bond. No issues.) The easiest possible product that you can purchase. I can't say it enough...just a great product!

Twist Hair Care™

Do you have questions about our hair extension care? No worries! We have you covered. While you’re in studio, these quick 5 minutes talks by Tiffany can help you understand more when it comes to bleaching and coloring while wearing hair extensions, how to wash and brush your hair extensions, styling your hair extensions, what tools to use, and what to be careful for. There is also some great succinct information on maintaining your hair extensions and about shed hairs and removing the extensions, what you need to know. You’ll also leave with a free care book.

Don’t catch all of the video in the studio? No worries! We send the links to you in your follow-up email so you can watch at home, too.
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Tiffany Twist
Tiffany Twist is the founder or WEST COAST HAIR® and creator of the soft bond product and technique of applying hair extensions. Both of Tiffany's daughters apply the hair extensions at her Minneapolis based studio. Clients fly in from Canada and throughout the US to receive this exclusive product and specialized wear offered only through

You can learn more quickly! Sign up for Tiffany's consultation webinar streaming live today and accessible via your computer browser or handheld device. Easy to take an interactive part and ask Tiffany the questions you've been wanting to know or just listen in anonymously and learn all about what WEST COAST HAIR® can offer you.
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