Hair Extensions With Natural Soft Bonding
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Was natural and easy to wear and @ a great price.


Service couldn't get any BETTER! The whole system was a dream. Love it!!!! (I broke a few bonds to see how easy they remove and my hair had no traumatic stress to remove and/or comb out the bond. No issues.) The easiest possible product that you can purchase. I can't say it enough...just a great product!

Twist Hair Care™

Do you have questions about our hair extension care? No worries! We have you covered. While you’re in studio, these quick 5 minutes talks by Tiffany can help you understand more when it comes to bleaching and coloring while wearing hair extensions, how to wash and brush your hair extensions, styling your hair extensions, what tools to use, and what to be careful for. There is also some great succinct information on maintaining your hair extensions and about shed hairs and removing the extensions, what you need to know. You’ll also leave with a free care book.

Don’t catch all of the video in the studio? No worries! We send the links to you in your follow-up email so you can watch at home, too.
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