Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions in Los Angeles

As Minneapolis girls - long, cold winters and all - Stephanie, Cortney and I are so excited to continue our work installing soft bond™ hair extensions in Los Angeles every other month. Each trip there increases our clientele and produces more friendships and familiarity with an area we are anxious to have a more permanent location in for installing our innovative, safe and comfortable strand-by-strand hair extensions.

Installing soft bond™ hair extensions in Los Angeles

This trip was probably the best of all others in that I had both my daughters along with me. We picked up a friend from Las Vegas along the way and she may even become a part of our Los Angeles hair extension team one day.

Here are two brunettes in their before and afters from that week.

Before and after soft bond™ hair extensions in LA

Before and after soft bond™ hair extensions in LA

We were so lucky to have a few days to ourselves to show Cortney all the fun tourist-y things to do in Los Angeles. Although we missed a lot, I'm sure, we had a great time at Venice Beach and on Hollywood Blvd, sans Stephanie's pick-pocketing incident in which she lost her wallet and all the valuables contained therein, ack.

Soft bond™ hair extension installers in LA

By the time we get back it will be starting to chill up here in Minneapolis so a working visit to California is always welcome during those cool fall months. To schedule your soft bond™ hair extension appointment in either Minneapolis or Los Angeles during our next trip, please start here: We would love to hear from you and tell you more about our services.


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And then, finally, here's one of me on Hollywood Blvd.

Tiffany Twist in Hollywood

I had a wonderful time with my daughters in a place with the best weather in the world and the most beautiful woman with the most amazing and inspiring hair in the world :) We love our trips to Los Angeles!

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WEST COAST HAIR® is a branded soft bond type of hair extension method and product created by Tiffany Twist. WEST COAST HAIR® hair extension studios are located in Minneapolis/St.Paul and by appointment in Los Angeles, as well as mobile and on-location appointments being considered per request. WEST COAST HAIR® is Tiffany’s interpretation of the source of the most beautiful hair in the world. “Long, beautiful, wavy beach hair was a dream and a goal accomplished through my development of WEST COAST HAIR®. I hope you love it as much as I do!” –Tiffany Twist, founder WEST COAST HAIR®

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