WEST COAST HAIR and Your Ocean / Beach / Island / Ship Adventure
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WEST COAST HAIR and Your Ocean / Beach / Island / Ship Adventure

For so many of us it takes an upcoming vacation or event before we think of doing something really great with our hair.

This means I get asked a lot:

  • How well do your extensions hold up on the beach?

  • Can I tan in your soft bond extension?

  • Can I swim in the extension hair?

And these are all valid concerns because I've heard of many of you, wearing other brands of hair extensions, tell me how they've become destroyed when you were on vacation.

Not this.

WEST COAST HAIR® is an extension created around, and for, the beach.

Sheri is 40 and sent me this: "I have been using [your extensions] for almost a year now. This is actually my first review because I feel I have just put it through the ultimate test. I just came back from a week at the beach and only lost ONE bond!!! (It was lost because I forgot my hair dryer & had to use the hotel's no heat control dryer.) This beach trip was planned in 2 days. So, I had no time to prepare my hair, or do anything special with it. I have been wearing this install for about 2 months, and decided not to worry about it. I did what I would normally do at the beach, which is put my hair in a loose "bun" with a ponytail holder & use a headband to keep it looking neat. I swam in the ocean & the pool, spent hours at the beach, and even went on a waverunner! At night I did what I would do with natural hair, rinse (alot), wash & use a good conditioner. I was sooooo excited about this final unplanned test, I had to share!! Awesome product!! I will never use anything else!!"

All you'll need are a couple tips to keep in mind for the very best wear of your WEST COAST HAIR® extensions during your beach adventure.

Here are my top 5 tips for your hair while tanning, swimming and playing in the sun:

  • Rinse your hair with clean water prior to entering chlorine or saltwater. (Otherwise your hair is like a sponge and takes in all of that non-desirable water.)

  • Create a loose braid for swimming. Ponytails work, too, but stay away from messy buns when getting your hair wet. If it dries this way you could have a huge, tangly mess! (Ask Cortney about this.)

  • Only allow your extensions to be wet a few hours at a time. Continued wetness may cause shedding.

  • Wash super well and rinse super long after being in chlorine or saltwater.

  • When the sun is hot and beating on you, shade your bonds like you would your skin. Maybe a scarf or hat or natural shade and do not brush them until you’ve returned to a normal room temp 70 degrees approximately.)

In all, you should enjoy your vacation and your long beautiful hair and not worry about damaging it. Use common sense and these tips and you'll do great!

Blog entry photo courtesy of WEST COAST HAIR® client, Colleen, and her full review can be found on Yelp.
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Tiffany Twist
Tiffany Twist is the founder or WEST COAST HAIR® and creator of the soft bond product and technique of applying hair extensions. Both of Tiffany's daughters apply the hair extensions at her Minneapolis based studio. Clients fly in from Canada and throughout the US to receive this exclusive product and specialized wear offered only through

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