OMG I Can't Believe You Said That!

OMG I Can't Believe You Said That!

I recently had a customer tell me that men were carrying her groceries now and this never happened with short hair. 

Another just said she is getting so much attention she cannot believe it from just changing her hair! 

Please keep sending in your comments so that I can add to this page! 

Thanks so much, you guys!

XXOO Tiffany
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"I must tell you I absolutely love your product! Your videos, guides & explanations are great! As an elementary school teacher I am a person who truly appreciates good directions! Kudos!"
"Your customer service is a breath of fresh air!"
"This truly is the most amazing system and product that I have ever used."
"This system is by far above and beyond any method available."
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM, and you for inventing them!!!"
"Hello. First and foremost I must write THANK YOU. Thank you for such a wonderful product that is unlike anything I have ever used. For so long I have been wearing Lace wigs to recover from a very bad haircut. Then, I happened upon your product and it is WONDERFUL! It feels, looks and combs just like my hair and I'm hooked. Thank you so much."
"Great product & value. A+++++"
"I have to tell you directly that your product is amazing and I have been telling all my friends about them, they were shocked to see my new look and were giving me endless compliments! Even my daughter's teachers were stunned and impressed, living in the land of the Real Housewives of the OC, extensions are everywhere (and obviously not your kind for theirs can be somewhat obvious!)"
"Everyone has been telling me how amazing they look and natural and they'd never even know, if they didn't know me before I put them in."
"…the bonds are very strong! No frizz or tangles, Loving it!! So easy to maintain!"
"Impeccable Customer Service!"
"I really love the [soft bond] product, and I'm very thankful that you created this wonderful product. It was such a big difference in the comfort after using previous hair fusion (glue) in my hair."
"THANK YOU for sharing your unique product with everyone!"
"No issues, only amazement of its ease!!!"
"TIFF............The hair is Beautifullllllll................. Just wanted to say Thank You"... for  such Great service Tiffany......If people in New York were as nice as u..If only  :))"
"I  got my hair extensions!!  I am so excited . . .The hair is so silky - it's absolutely beautiful and the colours are perfect!"
"Service couldn't get any BETTER!"
"You have no idea how badly I ruined my super-fine hair with bleach!! It just melted off and then the rest broke off!! You have no idea how much you helped me out. Thank you! "
"Thank you for your expedient response. I pray that your business will multiply and that you will have abundant favor from God. Blessings to you and your family."
"The whole system was a dream ... Love it!!!!"
"Still loving…my daughters install she loves it too!"
"I broke a few bonds to see how easy they remove and my hair had no traumatic stress to remove and/or comb out the bond."
"No [removal] issues. The easiest possible product…"
"I can't say it enough...just a great product!"
"They give a great hold, they blend nicely, unlike those freaking micro-links, which even when color matched stick out like a sore thumb, and you're constantly covering them up when you put your hair up.  Not with these!  And no more slipping. The micro links literally slip out CONSTANTLY.  I didn't think there was any other solution apart from glue and beads etc., and I was about to give up when I found your site.  I thank God for it!"
"EASY!!!!! I love that it is not damaging AT ALL..! Very easy to remove."
"I have tried several, and this is the easiest, longest lasting extension method."
"…my favourite thing about this company is the customer care...its amazing :)<3"
"It looks perfect. Love your product!"
"I wasn't sure, I have such thin hair, but I have full hair now for the first time ever."
"I've been using … for 2 years now, its easy to… remove!! And its cheaper than the glues and fusions."
"I LOOOOOVE it!! I will post my pics and blog on your website this weekend! THANKS SOOO MUCH!!"
"After 2 real hair is still as healthy as ever!!"
"Give [Soft bond] a try... you won't regret it."
"For the first time in my life I love my hair!!!"
"Thank you so much Tiffany, you rock!! My hair looks great!! Really, I have tried sew-in's, tapes etc and this is the best ever, really fool proof, ultra comfortable and looks so natural..I am a customer forever, or at least for a decade or three until my own hair grows lol...thank you again :) Have a beautiful day :)"
"I will never use another extension product!"
"This is a remarkable product

all its claims may seem too good to be true but they are…"
"Not awesome..product, I found [your] word is also bond! Thank you so much for creating a true and trustworthy product!"
"Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so very much! All your help with this means a lot to me! These hair extensions are so much more than just extensions for many girls and women--they make a world of difference in their self esteem and confidence. It really shows how important your customers satisfaction is to you by helping so much!"
'I would highly recommend the [Soft bond] system."
"The hair is the best quality you can get anywhere. Love it!"
"I still love my hair! Everything is still looking great."
"You are awesome!"
"It looks great and natural on me, it feels secure, and it is so comfortable to wear. I am so happy with the results!"
"My hair has been in for a week now, and it is amazing."
"I love it. Many thanks for the beautiful hair!"
"…other extensions do not EVEN match the comparison of this product!"
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Keep sending me messages! It makes all the hard work and endless long days running this start up company worth it! You have no idea how important this page is. If I feel like giving up, this is where I go!

Remember, if I can encourage you, too, let me know! I am happy to help!

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WEST COAST HAIRĀ® custom designed hair extensions in Minneapolis amd Los Angeles
I wanted a hair extension just like I wanted my surroundings…
natural and non-toxic.

– Tiffany Twist,
founder WEST COAST HAIR and
creator of Soft Bond™ hair extensions

Tiffany Twist
Tiffany Twist is the founder or WEST COAST HAIR® and creator of the soft bond product and technique of applying hair extensions. Both of Tiffany's daughters apply the hair extensions at her Minneapolis based studio. Clients fly in from Canada and throughout the US to receive this exclusive product and specialized wear offered only through

You can learn more quickly! Sign up for Tiffany's consultation webinar streaming live today and accessible via your computer browser or handheld device. Easy to take an interactive part and ask Tiffany the questions you've been wanting to know or just listen in anonymously and learn all about what WEST COAST HAIR® can offer you.
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