Hair Extension Consultation - Angela & Tiffany
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Hair Extension Consultation - Angela & Tiffany

Angela wants to add length to her broken, thin ends that were left there after healing from cancer and while taking thyroid medication. She is looking to add about 6 to 8 inches to her own hair length and she wanted this all done before she goes on a girls trip early this spring.

Since she is coming in from out of town, Angela asks all the right questions about maintaining her hair extensions, touching-up her color, and anything else she needs to know to decide Soft bond™ hair extensions will work great for her.

See you next month, Angela! Thank you so much for allowing us to share your video consult with Tiffany. We hope you love your new hair and have a wonderful trip with the girls!!

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WEST COAST HAIRĀ® custom designed hair extensions in Minneapolis amd Los Angeles
I wanted a hair extension just like I wanted my surroundings…
natural and non-toxic.

– Tiffany Twist,
founder WEST COAST HAIR and
creator of Soft Bond™ hair extensions

Tiffany Twist
Tiffany Twist is the founder or WEST COAST HAIR® and creator of the soft bond product and technique of applying hair extensions. Both of Tiffany's daughters apply the hair extensions at her Minneapolis based studio. Clients fly in from Canada and throughout the US to receive this exclusive product and specialized wear offered only through

You can learn more quickly! Sign up for Tiffany's consultation webinar streaming live today and accessible via your computer browser or handheld device. Easy to take an interactive part and ask Tiffany the questions you've been wanting to know or just listen in anonymously and learn all about what WEST COAST HAIR® can offer you.
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