WEST COAST HAIR® Hair Extensions
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I love the system. I will never wear another.

Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions for Adding Length

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Are you looking for the best hair extensions for your hair? WEST COAST HAIR® offers natural, soft bonding proven to be a safe and gentle hair extension for the natural hair.

You may be surprised thin hair, fine hair and/or chemically processed hair (which typically cannot handle the weight of hair extension glues, fusion, or metals) loves WEST COAST HAIR®.
You get months of natural, discreet hair extension wear and see your hair thrive and grow while wearing your hair extensions!

Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions for Adding Volume Only

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WEST COAST HAIR® makes it easy to find the hair extension solution right for you. Whether you thrive on finding the latest and greatest and being the first one to get it, or you've heard about the soft bond hair extensions through a friend or co-worker, we have the solution you'll want to get your hair extensions in right away.

Ask about our VIP service and treatments, top-of-the-line extension hair and product upgrades along with the service and care. No other hair extension can compare!

Soft Bond™ Hair Extensions for Adding Color

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Are you wondering what kind of results hair extensions can offer you? WEST COAST HAIR® is a brand new strand-by-strand hair extension method which utilizes a natural soft bond hair extension product and technique which is better for natural hair of all types (thin, fine, course, curly) than traditional methods of applying and wearing hair extensions.

Soft bonds coupled with exotic, top-line extension hair assures you receive the service and care only you deserve. You will be the talk of the town and turn heads! We guarantee it!
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